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Linking with the Bayesian Item Response Theory Model

Research Problem IRT models specified as linear mixed models are not new (e.g., Adams, Wilson, & Wu, 1997; Kamata, 2001; Mellenbergh, 1994; Rijmen et al., 2003). Some have discussed evaluating DIF in these frameworks too (e.g., Noorgate and De Boeck, 2005). To our knowledge, these methods have not been explored to which the extent they properly link scores. Heterotypic Continuity We approach this research primarily from a psychological measurement lens, where heterotypic continuity is often of concern.

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Using IDAS in an Intro Stats Course

Intro Stats Assumptions All Math All hand calculations Not Reality What I want Data based, Applied Include code Difficulties Differing levels of computer literacy Unfamiliar with code Enter IDAS What is it? Cloud or server based computational environment for statistics/data science Interact with computational environment in a browser Embeds code with text Jupyter Lab / Notebooks Can run different kernels: R, Python, Julia RStudio Server Full R IDE Benefits - No Setup Benefits - Interesting Data Benefits - Getting back to applied stats Short Demo if time Notebook from my class Open materials here Thank you https://brandonlebeau.

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Tidy Meta-Analytic Data

Rationale Data entry is an important component for quantitative studies Often neglected in courses Messy data can make data manipulation much more difficult Substantial time could be lost due to poor data entry procedures Strong data entry procedures are particularly important in evidence synthesis Rationale 2 Data Organization in Spreadsheets - Broman and Woo (2018), The American Statistician, Tidy Data - Wickham (2014), Journal of Statistical Software, https://www.

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