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pdfsearch v0.3.0

I’m happy to formally announce a major update to the developmental version of the pdfsearch R package. In brief, this version includes support for splitting the PDF by sentences instead of by lines of text. Secondly, initial testing of splitting PDFs that are aligned in multiple columns has been promising. This functionality attempts to align the multiple columns into a single column in which the keyword searching peformed by pdfsearch can be stronger with the search being done in context.

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Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of Coach ELO Ratings

For the past few years (quickly approaching a decade), a colleague and I started scraping information about college football coaches to explore the question, which coach should the University of Minnesota hire. This project started, as most interesting project do, at happy hour one day debating who should be hired to replace Tim Brewster, the latest college football coaching disaster at the University of Minnesota.

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Recent Publications

  • Model misspecification and assumption violations with the linear mixed model: A meta-analysis
    Abstract PDF Link to Sage Open
  • pdfsearch: Search Tools for PDF Files
    Abstract PDF Code Link to JOSS
  • Misspecification of the random effect structure Implications for the linear mixed model
    Abstract PDF
  • highlightHTML: CSS Formatting of R Markdown Documents
    Abstract PDF Code Link to JOSS
  • Development of Internalizing Problems From Adolescence to Emerging Adulthood: Accounting for Heterotypic Continuity With Vertical Scaling
    Abstract Link to Journal
  • Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis of Monte Carlo Studies: The Best of Two Worlds
    Abstract PDF