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Compiling R on University of Iowa HPC

As of writing this (June 2022), there is a relatively new version of R, R 4.2.0, published in April of 2022. I like to use recent versions of R, both on my computers, but also on the high performance computing (HPC) system that I use occasionally here at the University of Iowa. Unfortunately, to use up to date versions of R requires a bit of work as the release cycle for R tends to be quicker than the HPC update cycle.

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simglm v0.7.4: Tidy Simulation

I’m happy to formally announce a major update to the simglm R package. In brief, the updated package contains a new more robust syntax for simulating data, adds parallel processing support for replicating the simulation (or power analysis) using the future.apply package/framework, and new updated vignettes showing off the many options available in the tidy simulation syntax. The package can be installed with the following code: install.packages("simglm") The package can then be loaded with:

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