I am currently an Assistant Professor of Educational Measurement and Statistics at the University of Iowa. This position is a bit unique as I work half time with the Iowa Testing Program and also half time as a faculty member.

I was previously a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Educational Statistics and Research Methods program at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I also spent time at Saint Paul Public Schools as an Assessment Specialist in the Research, Evaluation, and Assessment department.

I earned my Ph.D. from the Quantitative Methods in Education program at the University of Minnesota in February 2013. While there I specialized in applied statistics and became interested in longitudinal modeling and computational methods. I also enjoy computing in general and have become proficient in numerous statistical programming languages, especially R.

You can download a digital copy of my dissertation here: Dissertation


  • Assumption Violations with the Linear Mixed Model: Model assumptions are needed for estimation, however real world data is messy. My research attempts to explore situations when data violates certain assumptions and the implications this has on estimation and ultimately on the inferences we draw.

  • Small Sample IRT Estimation: Similar to above, IRT is a large sample procedure and estimates from small samples should be well understood. My research is currently exploring precision in estimation for unidimensional IRT models under small sample conditions.

You can read my full CV here: Curriculum Vitae

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