R Packages

simglm: CRAN_Status_Badge This package attempts to create a general syntax structure to simulate regression models, both single and multilevel models. The package also facilitates the power by simulation paradigm, including the ability to cross factors similar to a Monte Carlo simulation design.

SPSStoR: CRAN_Status_Badge This package converts SPSS syntax to R syntax. See the GitHub repository for updated SPSS routines that the package supports.

highlightHTML CRAN_Status_Badge DOI This package post-processes an HTML file to add text/cell formatting to portions of the HTML using CSS.

pdfsearch CRAN_Status_Badge DOI Adds the ability to search for keywords from pdf files rendered to text by the pdftools R package.

metaRmat CRAN_Status_Badge Implements methods for the synthesis of correlation matrices and multivariate meta-analysis functions.

statthink CRAN_Status_Badge A companion package to the open-source text book Statistical Reasoning through Computation and R