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Compiling R on University of Iowa HPC

As of writing this (June 2022), there is a relatively new version of R, R 4.2.0, published in April of 2022. I like to use recent versions of R, both on my computers, but also on the high performance computing (HPC) system that I use occasionally here at the University of Iowa. Unfortunately, to use up to date versions of R requires a bit of work as the release cycle for R tends to be quicker than the HPC update cycle.

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simglm v0.7.4: Tidy Simulation

I’m happy to formally announce a major update to the simglm R package. In brief, the updated package contains a new more robust syntax for simulating data, adds parallel processing support for replicating the simulation (or power analysis) using the future.apply package/framework, and new updated vignettes showing off the many options available in the tidy simulation syntax. The package can be installed with the following code: install.packages("simglm") The package can then be loaded with:

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pdfsearch v0.3.0

I’m happy to formally announce a major update to the developmental version of the pdfsearch R package. In brief, this version includes support for splitting the PDF by sentences instead of by lines of text. Secondly, initial testing of splitting PDFs that are aligned in multiple columns has been promising. This functionality attempts to align the multiple columns into a single column in which the keyword searching peformed by pdfsearch can be stronger with the search being done in context.

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