Use CSS to format markdown or HTML files

Markdown (and Rmarkdown) are great ways to quickly develop material without worrying about the formatting. The documents can then be compiled using the knitr or rmarkdown packages to output formats such as HTML, latex, or even word. The main drawback of this approach is that formatting of documents is limited to italics, bold, or strikethrough. Markdown does have support for inline HTML, therefore you can add your own formatting inline using CSS or other HTML attributes, however this moves away from the quick markdown flavor.

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Format Markdown Documents in R

Have you ever used a markdown file to create an html file? Have you ever wanted to quickly format the subsequent html file to add some color or other aspects? If your answer is yes to both of those questions, this package may be of interest to you. The highlightHTML package aims to develop a flexible approach to add formatting to an html document by injecting CSS into the file.

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Update to highlightHTML package

I’ve added a new functionality to my highlightHTML package. This package post-processes HTML files and injects CSS and adds tags to create some further customization (for example highlight cells of a HTML table). This is most useful when writing a document using markdown and converting it into a HTML document using a tool like knitr, slidify, or even pandoc. Up to now, my package only worked with tables, see my old post that talks about this if you are interested: http://educate-r.

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