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These will include R ramblings, announcements for R packages, or other miscellaneous things.

Use CSS to format markdown or HTML files

Markdown (and Rmarkdown) are great ways to quickly develop material without worrying about the formatting. The documents can then be compiled using the knitr or rmarkdown packages to output formats such as HTML, latex, or even word. The main drawback of this approach is that formatting of documents is limited to italics, bold, or strikethrough. Markdown does have support for inline HTML, therefore you can add your own formatting inline using CSS or other HTML attributes, however this moves away from the quick markdown flavor.

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Introduction of the pdfsearch package

I’m happy to introduce an add-on package, pdfsearch, that adds the ability to do keyword searches on pdf files. This add-on package uses the excellent pdftools package from the ropensci project to read in pdf files and perform keyword searches based character strings of interest. Installation The package is currently only hosted on github and can be installed with the devtools library. devtools::install_github('lebebr01/pdfsearch') Basic Example Doing a simple keyword search on a single pdf file uses the keyword_search function.

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Speed test of sequence generation for unbalanced simulation

I have a simulation package that allows for the simulation of regression models including nested data structures. You can see the package on github here: simReg. Over the weekend I updated the package to allow for the simulation of unbalanced designs. I’m hoping to put together a new vigenette soon highlighting the functionality. I am working on a simulation that uses the unbalanced functionality and while simulating longitudinal data I’ve found the function is much slower than the cross sectional counterparts (and balanced designs).

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