Model misspecification and assumption violations with the linear mixed model: A meta-analysis


This meta-analysis attempts to synthesize the Monte Carlo literature for the linear mixed model under a longitudinal framework. The meta-analysis aims to inform researchers about conditions that are important to consider when evaluating model assumptions and adequacy. In addition, the meta-analysis may be helpful to those wishing to design future Monte Carlo simulations in identifying simulation conditions. The current meta-analysis will use the empirical type I error rate as the effect size and Monte Carlo simulation conditions will be coded to serve as moderator variables. The type I error rate for the fixed and random effects will be explored as the primary dependent variable. Effect sizes were coded from 13 studies, resulting in a total of 4,002 and 621 effect sizes for fixed and random effects respectively. Meta-regression and proportional odds models were used to explore variation in the empirical type I error rate effect sizes. Implications for applied researchers and researchers planning new Monte Carlo studies will be explored.

In Sage Open, 8 (4)